Solar Heat Collector Panels

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Basic working principles: Basic working principles: 
(A) If the geyser is located above the panel where the thermos syphon effect circulates the water, thus no pump required.

(B) If the geyser is located below the panel a circulation pump is used to do the circulation
Installation notes: 

I. Use your existing geyser as a storage tank.

II. Pump the cold water from the geyser with a 12 volt DC Circulation pump (run off a 10 watt solar panel) or 24 volt DC pump if the pump head is higher.

III. To the glass top heat collector panel (2m x 1m x 70mm) where the sun heats up the water.

IV. The hot water is then pumped back to the geyser.

V. The pump displaces 6 litre per minute, thus 360 litre per hour.

VI. The water is circulated throughout the day and keeps on heating up.

VII. A geyser controller can be fitted that uses your existing element as a backup. It can be set to for example only go on if the water temperature at 4PM is lower than 60 degree.

VIII. Panel can be pasted to roof with fix all glue or fixed with aluminium angle and screws. On a flat roof an angular structure is built to mount the heat collector panel on.

A 300 liter requires 2 panels. A 150/200-liter geyser requires only 1 panel. Note: All safety features.

Heat Collector Panel Key Features:

  • Hailstone resistant, toughened, mislite, low iron extra clear tempered glass that increases light transmittance and allows the passage of low incidence angle rays.
  • Each plate core passes through a strict high pressure leak test; to make sure the stability of collector’s work.
  • The collector uses Bluetec Cobal Sheeting with an ETA plus coating absorber, which has a high heat exchange efficiency ability.
  • Insulation is done with high density foam with aluminum sheet reflector that improves the systems long term heat preservation.
  • Safe and aesthetically appealingly designed anodized aluminium profile, strong, long lasting & durable structure.
  • Engineer designed bracket that allows multiple collectors to be joined for commercial or larger scale residential projects.


  • Heat collector panel: 1 year
  • Circulation pump: 1 year
  • 10/15 watt solar panel: 10 years
  • Geyser tanks: according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Geyserwise controller: 1 year
  • Workmanship/installation: 1 year

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